My Journey to a simple life using cash flow wisely

Welcome to Smart Money, Simple Life

Welcome! Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Diane and I’m the author of Smart Money, Simple Life.

I am a small business owner, an ex-IT technical writer and a failed art student. Yes, I know, how does one fail at being an art student? It’s a long story but needless to say the highlights were: lots of beer, too many games of pool and, most importantly, poor choice of university degree. That was a long time ago and, while there have been some serious curve balls tossed my way in the meantime, thankfully, I’ve learned from those experiences and now know what I want from life.

Smart Money, Simple Life is about getting to my goal. It’s about learning the art and economics of living a life of simplicity and financial self reliance.

The ‘art’ is about learning to go with the flow, a talent that’s usually gone by the time we’re out of kindergarten. The ‘economics’ is about using money wisely by focusing on creating a sensible budget and understanding cash flow plus reducing debt and building passive income.

Over time, I plan to share with you not just hints and tips on saving money but also, skills and attitudes that will bolster your confidence when life doesn’t play the game fairly.

I’ll also share the resources I find useful: financial, DIY, gardening… There’ll be lots to learn and they’ll be lessons you can learn the easy way by visiting regularly.

Plus, I look forward to hearing your own stories, accomplishments and tips.





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