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Moonlighting – My experience making a little extra money

Have you tried to make a little extra money on the side, that’s not a second (or third) job? I did. And, the experience was… interesting.

A friend of mine has recently taken on a couple of routes for delivering flyers and catalogues. You know, walk around a neighbourhood and deliver sales catalogues and various other flyers and newspapers? She enjoys it and views it as being paid to get some exercise. I thought this was a great idea. Who doesn’t need a bit more cash and lot more exercise? So, I thought I’d give it a go, too. Big mistake… HUGE!

I rang the company and was allocated a zone about five minutes drive from my home. So far, so good. I arrived at the warehouse on Thursday morning to collect the catalogues (in this case a weekly glossy real estate magazine and a small flyer) and discovered that my zone was actually three zones all rolled into one and would take a minimum of six and a half hours to complete. SIX AND A HALF HOURS! And, that’s for an experienced delivery person. There was, of course, a ‘deliver by’ date, which was the end of the next day. But here’s the best bit: I’d be paid the princely sum of $60 for the effort.

Unfortunately, Thursday was already fully booked for me so the delivery had to be done in one day. I’ll spare you the unpleasant details but suffice it to say, unpleasant it was! It was warm (31 degree Celsius), the terrain was hilly and there weren’t always footpaths. I came very close – a few times – to throwing in the towel but I’d made a commitment and I was going to see it through. Even if it killed me.

I managed to complete the task and luckily, I walk a fair bit so there were no lingering after-affects physically. From a financial perspective, I think the whole thing was nett negative once travel (petrol) and the purchase of a trolley were taken into account. However, I learned a few things that have real value: I’m a lot tougher (mentally and physically) than I give myself credit for; I can probably get a better return if I deliver flyers for my own business (Confetti and Co) rather than someone else’s and; lots of people never take the junk mail out of their letterboxes – ever.

I’d be very interested to know if others have tried something similar?

Can you suggest other ways to make some extra dollars on the side?



2 Responses to “Moonlighting – My experience making a little extra money”

  1. hollyatclubthrifty

    My husband sold coupon books to make extra $ for one day. He hated it! He said that one day was enough.


    • Diane

      Getting through days like that show us we’re tougher than we think. That’s about the only silver lining I could see that day… What about hubby? Any silver linings for him?



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